Use cases

For everyone, every time and everywhere.

OmniAlerts for government

OmniAlerts is a smart universal tool to communicate with your citizens (but obviously also with your staff) that offers a great simplicity of use. Concrete examples where direct and optimal communication is desired are legion. The public actors concerned are ministries, local government agencies, municipalities, departemental directorates, and many others.  

OmniAlerts will therefore cover both individual communication and mass communication for different types of messages : information, notifications or alerts. 

Notification systems, especially on smartphones, also avoid all the costs associated with SMS, which no longer offers any advantage. You can offer a unique service to citizens without notable costs.

OmniAlerts in the marchant sector

OmniAlerts will therefore cover as well the individual communications (an order is available or a package is being delivered) as the mass communication to announce a promotion, the availibility of a new product or simply the start of the sales.

OmniAlerts covers the different types of messages: infirmation, notifications or alerts. Your cutstomers and partners receive so many emails that the relevance of their content is neglected, the information is simply forgotten, or they keep pilling up in their unread list.

Now imagine to have an easy-to-use tool that allows you to communicate with them by pop-up on workstations, by notifications on smartphones (no extra costs!) or even still by email or sms.

In fact OmniAlerts makes it possible to define the means of communication for both the sender of the message and the recipients.

Imagine that you can receive a confirmation that pop-ups and notifications have been read. Imagine also that you can retract these messages when the information is out ouf date


OmniAlerts for enterprise

OmniAlerts is a smart universal tool to communicate with your employees that offers a great simplicity of use. Wherever your employees are, you can send them an SMS alert or a phone notification with news from your company.

OmniAlerts has been designated for simple message but you can also alert your employees in case of emergency. With this alert messaging system you can alert employees in an emergency situation or disaster and keep them safe. Send alerts or instructions at one click, by creating templates in advance. 

Tailor-Made software

No matter the sector, you can benefit of all our features


By using our active directory, you can target your audience. Send messages to specific department, groups or even individual users

Color codes

To help you to provide speed and impactful messages, we integrated a color code. Use different color depending of the emergency of the message 

Predefined templates

Send urgent notifications directly to keep your collaborators safe. Thanks to the templates, you can send alerts in a minute


You can easily prepare different templates to be ready when an event occurs. Thanks to our user friendly front-end, it's easy to create new templates by duplicating old ones or you can also begin from scratch


You sent a message to all employees and 2 hours later, the emergency has passed ? Do you thing that it's useful for people who didn't read the message already, still have the notification on their laptop or phone ? Obviously not, you can retract a message or notification anytime

Do reports

Thanks to our dashboard, you can easily control how many messages has been send or read or retract. Manage all the information from a unique location

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