Smart alerting & notifications to your users !

Any organization suffers both planned and unplanned events requiring fast & efficient communication to targeted people. A single channel or single method approach, like email, can’t cover all the scenarios.

With OmniAlerts you get the lightweight, easy-to-use and flexible communication platform you need.

The platform enables IT and non-IT operators to send notifications related to any type of event using multiple communication methods, making sure your message is reaching out to the people it needs to at the right time.

Smart alerting & notifications to your recipients

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Alerts, Notifications & Reminders in a single tool


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Designed for…

Designed for...

Highly granular target selection of users & devices


Multiple communication channels

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OmniAlerts architecture


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Key features

  • Notify anyone, anytime on any device: laptop, phone (SMS), smartphone (app), email…
  • Easy to use by non-IT personnel
  • Send a message to & display it on a list of systems, regardless of which user is logged on
  • Send a message to & display it on a list of systems and only if the logged on user is part of a specified list
  • Send a message to & display it on a list of users, without specifying a system list
  • Display the message even if the workstation is locked or no user is logged on
  • Don’t display a message if the active application running on the system is in the specified list
  • Define the time the message is displayed (from 1 second to infinite, until auto-confirmation)
  • Send several messages to the same system and avoid the message windows to overlap on the desktop
  • Centrally retract a specific message (if for example the issue is solved)
  • Send the message as an email to users
  • Send the message as a text message (SMS) to users