Smart alerting & notifications to your users !

Any organization suffers both planned and unplanned events requiring fast & efficient communication to targeted people. A single channel or single method approach, like email, can’t cover all the scenarios.

With OmniAlerts you get the lightweight, easy-to-use and flexible communication platform you need.

The platform enables IT and non-IT operators to send notifications related to any type of event using multiple communication methods, making sure your message is reaching out to the people it needs to at the right time.






OmniAlerts is a smart universal tool to communicate with your customers, partners, suppliers, (but also your staff obviously) that offers a great simplicity of use, a granular delegation of who can send what type of message to whom, all with confirmation of reading and the possibility of retraction

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In PUSH mode, you define a list containing one or more recipients and OmniAlerts will communicate in a targeted way to this list that can be dynamically rebuilt, before any transmission, based on a selection of criteria.

In registered PULL mode, the recipient subscribes to a communication channel, sharing his identity during the registration. The channel can be public (open to everyone or private (validation of the identity based on a repository or identity verification by mail / SMS) . OmniAlerts then allows you to communicate the desired information to this channel of communication. Subscribers can of course unsubscribe at any time.

Finally in anonymous PULL mode, you publish to anyone a subscription-free communication channel. Your customers can therefore very dynamically, at any time, subscribe and unsubscribe without sharing their identity.