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Get an sms text (1-way via a web service, SMS gateway or SMS mail server)


Get a push notification on your mobile phone via our OmniAlerts app


The email can include info about the alert

Do you have specific target?

Push mode

you define a list containing one or more recipients and OmniAlerts will communicate in a targeted way to this list that can be dynamically rebuilt, before any transmission, based on a selection of criteria.

Do you want to reach a large audience?

Registered Pull mode

the recipient subscribes to a communication channel, sharing his identity during the registration. The channel can be public (open to everyone or private (validation of the identity based on a repository or identity verification by mail / SMS) . OmniAlerts then allows you to communicate the desired information to this channel of communication. Subscribers can of course unsubscribe at any time.

anonymous PULL mode

you publish to anyone a subscription-free communication channel. Your customers can therefore very dynamically, at any time, subscribe and unsubscribe without sharing their identity.

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Thanks to our automatic system, you can know if your message has been correctly delivered but also if someone opened your message

Sure! For recurrent events, you can plan to send automatic messages to group or someone specific thanks to our scheduler.

Thanks to our “retract message” functionality, OmniAlerts can retract a message if the problem is solved. 

Sure! Thanks to our pull mode, you can create a channel where people can follow all your news. They just have to follow you channel and they will be automatically warned if you post a message or something else

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